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About Us

more than 10 years of professional experience for 3D modeling, 3D Animation and many others....

Our expertise is looking at the big picture to identify the most important goals of a project. We work in the world of advertisement – although those lines are blurring these days. While many Creative Studios will list all their technical skills, Kibrit’s value is how to come up with creative solutions for businesses to allow them to accomplish their goals in a cost-effective manner, completes work on-time, under budget.We are not a list of services; We are a strategist. We always eager to learn and grow, as a person and a designer, and We always look for new technologies to figure out, and new skills to acquire.

We are expert in Autodesk 3d Studio Max and Adobe Creative Suite. We love working with a team of creative people who are also growth-oriented We’d like to share Our background with you and some of our artwork below page

Design with Simplicity In Mind
always eager to learn with an “open mind”

Our Works

Pure water simulation 3D Animasyon, 3D Animation, 3D Animator
3D Animation We, Kibrit Creative Solutions created around 6 minutes 3D Animation for the Agir Global's Visitor.
Ağır Global 3D Animasyon 3D Animation, Online Training
CVS Steel Making 3D Animation 3D Animasyon, 3 Boyutlu Animasyon, 3D Mimari Animasyon, 3D Karakter Modelleme, Endüstriyel 3D Animasyon, Endüstriyel 3D Tasarım, Endüstriyel 3D Ürün Görselleştirme
3D Mimari Görselleştirme 3D Çevre düzenlemesi, Mimari Görselleştirme, Modelleme
Vivaduş Shower Cabinet 3D Animation Series
CVS Intro Created intro video for CVS Technologies
Container Data Center 3d Modeling and Rendering
Z Kütüphane Projelendirme Milli Eğitim Bakanlığının geliştirmiş olduğu Z Kütüphane'nin farklı projeler için 3D Tasarımı ve uygulaması gerçekleştirildi.
Hyundai Electronics Mobil Uyumlu Web Tasarımı, Profesyonel Web Tasarımı, Responsive Web Design
3D Ürün Görselleştirme 3D Modelleme, 3D Render İşlemi, 3D Mimari Animasyon, 3D Ürün Animasyonu,3D Ürün Görselleştirme
Canovate 3D Animasyon 3D Animasyon, 3 Boyutlu Animasyon, 3D Mimari Animasyon, 3D Karakter Modelleme
Canovate Presentation Created via After Effect
Canovate Invitation
Intel Core2 Poster Design
Buzzer Energy Drink
Eksen Computer Production Company

Our Skill & Process

3D Animation
Animation, Rigging
3D Character Rigging
3D Modeling
High Poly 3D Modeling
Low Poly 3D Modeling
3D Character Modeling
3D Simulation
Realworld Water Simulation
Machine Simulation
Particleflow Dynamics
Render Farm
Iray Render Engine
Mental Ray Render Engine
GPU Based Rendering
Virtual Reality
3D Modeling for VR
VR Game Development
VR 3D Animation
3D Environment Design
3D Architecture Design
3D Industrial Machines


3D Character Modeling

Having a realistic, unique character is as important as having a story for your brand. Kibrit creates stunning 3d characters for each project (more…)

3D Animation

Kibrit creates seamless animations via 3D Studio Max for brands and their sales team’s presentation.

3D Modeling

From 3d modeling to texturing, lighting and camera setting. (more…)

VR Game Developing

Kibrit develops VR Game and Simulations for the brands.. (more…)

GPU Render Farm

GPU Render Farm is located inside the Kibrit Creative Solutions (more…)

We Created
120 Hours 3D Animation

Brands we served

Azak Tools

HSS Saw Manufacturer

Azak Tools one of the Indstry leader which manufactures HSS SAW Blade,  we Kibrit Creative Solutions is Azak’s partner to create 3D animation and every brand comunication materials.

Canovate Group

3D Animations, Web Design, Corporate Identity

Developing concepts and artwork. Creating graphic design solutions from concept through to completion, brand communication materials on

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Agir Global

3D Animation, 3D Modeling

Kibrit Creative  Solutions created 120 hours 3D animation for personal education. We Kibrit Creative developed 4 different 3d Cartoon Character for the project. We also animated every processes of manufacturing.

CVS Steel Making

3D Animations, Web Design

Kibrit Creative Solutions created all of 3d Animation for the presentation for CVS in 2009

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Intel Turkiye

Poster Design

We created stunning 3D posters for the Intel Brand in 2006.

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Vestel Washing Machine

3D Product Configurator

3D Product Configuration Application created for Vestel


Working with Kibrit Creative is joyful, Creative company, lead us many different 3D animations

Canovate Group Companies, 3D Animation

The Liquid of a designer

Real Flow, Architect


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Yenişehir Mahallesi, Sümbül Sokak, No:8/2 B Blok 65
Ekinci Residence, Pendik, 34912 Istanbul-Türkiye

+90 216 639 4223
+90 532 152 6959

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